About ILS

The Indian Law Society is a not-for-profit, Public Charitable Trust and a registered society. Indian Law Society was established in 1923. Indian Law Society chose the path of “Legal Education” to achieve its mission. Its watchword is aptly described in the following words:

“धर्मे सर्वं प्रतिष्ठितम् ।”

Dharme Sarvam Pratisthitam
Everything is centered in Law

The main objective of the Indian Law Society is to provide facilities for the study of law by starting law colleges at various places in the country. Another important objective of the Society is to open centers to make available facilities for specialized knowledge in various subjects of Law as well as allied disciplines of law and social sciences, to disseminate knowledge of law, for the purposes of increasing legal literacy.

ILSCA is one such Centre, established on December 3, 2016, by the Governing Council, Indian Law Society. This Centre was established to meet the growing need to provide adequate services, facilities, and necessary infrastructure to the disputant parties to adopt alternate methods of resolution of disputes other than court litigation.