The prime objective of ILSCA(IA) Rules is to provide arbitration that is quick, cost effective and fair.

Physical Facilities
  • ILSCA offers excellent facilities for arbitration and mediation meetings, including six state-of-the-art meeting rooms with audio-aides and recording facilities, arbitrator’s chambers, and private consultation rooms.

  • ILSCA provides all necessary business facilities like video conferencing, powerful multimedia projection, computer and internet access, printing, photocopying.

  • Full-fledged secretarial services
  • Catering available on request.
  • ILSCA’s library is gradually expanding, providing books and journals relevant to arbitration and mediation.

Administrative services for conducting arbitration and mediation:
  • Appointment of arbitrators, including emergency arbitrators.
  • Decisions on challenges to appointment of arbitrators.
  • Financial management of the arbitration.
  • Substitution of arbitrators.
  • Case management, which includes liaising with arbitrators, parties and their authorized representatives on proper delivery of notices, monitoring schedules and timelines for submissions, arranging hearing facilities and all other matters which facilitate the smooth conduct of the arbitration.

  • Where applicable, exercising such supervisory functions entrusted by the arbitration rules; and
  • Scrutiny of arbitral awards made by the Arbitral Tribunal.